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JUN-TRAVEL Japanese local travel agency

Jun travel, a Japanese travel agency, is located in Fukui, in the Hokuriku of Japan. We the qualification of the Chinese association.

We have English staff so that you are welcome to use English to communicate with us. We can provide various suggestions and welcome you to consult us. The service is exquisite, quality assurance and reasonable price.

With many years of experience in the field of professional contacts, we have abundant resources for tourism projects. According to the different travel requirements of each guest, it is a unique and personalized special itinerary.

Good at coordinating groups and individuals to visit Japan, visit, visit, study, golf, exhibition, sightseeing and so on. The travel insurance is complete.

The airport, hotel reservation, private tour guide, professional translation, travel chartered, luxurious commercial vehicles reception, conference meeting, business investigation, study Tours and summer camps, high-end medical, outdoor, the wedding shoot, VIP one-stop travel planning.

All kinds of inquiries are thrown to us.          

Your loyal tourist housekeeper!